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Neue Antennenmodelle in 2018:

-> OB4020s (mittelgroße Yagi 40/20m)

-> OB4020ss (kleine Yagi 40/20m)

Antennenmodelle in 2017:

-> OB4-20OWA

-> OB4030x

Neue atemberaubende

Antennenmodelle in 2016:

Hoch effiziente Log Yagis

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40m Monobander:

-> OB3-40

Das weltbeste 80 - 10m Antennensystem

-> OB804030x + OB21-3 + OB9-2WARC

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Kopien von OptiBeam

Immer wieder kopiert, aber nie erreicht ...

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New breathtaking antenna models in 2014

The OptiBeam line actually includes 48 diverse antenna models.
But the wheels at OptiBeam never stand still.
There are always some new ideas, partly based on the feed back from the market = from the requirements/requests of our customers.

And therefore, within the year 2014 (planned to be realized until May 2014), OptiBeam Antenna Technologies will enlarge their line of products by the following antenna models.

1.    OB1-160 (160m Rotary Dipole)

  Up to now OptiBeam Antennena Technologies does not have a product for the 160m band.
Since on purpose we exclusively concentrate on horizontally polarized antennas, the challenge now was to develope a rotary dipole for the 1.8 MHZ range.

The electrical design is ready, the mechanical details are defined, and up to a not even small amount diverse mechanical components are already fabricated.

It is to be a 34 meter long element, shortened by high quality high Q coils and in addition by an efficient end loading.
By the use of our proven 80m multi switch system the antenna will cover the most important parts of the 160m band.

Our complete mechanical know how of the past 12 years is integrated into the design, this antenna will be a mechanical treat.

Naturally, the OB1-160 won’t be an antenna for the „average“ ham.
It is meant to be a product for mid size and big contest stations, as well as for the demanding ambitious ham who has the corresponding space and tower. --> OB1-160


2.    OB4-4OWA (4el 40m full sized OWA Yagi)

  The OptiBeam productline currently includes 4 mono-band antennas for the 40m band: a rotary dipole, a 2el Yagi on the basis of the Moxon principle, a 2el Yagi with straight elements and a 4el Yagi with a cell of two driven elements (duo driven design).
All four antennas have elements which are shortened by high Q coils.
The new OB4-40OWA is a 4el Yagi with full sized elements based on the OWA principle (optimized wide-band antenna).
Hereby the first director is placed relatively close to the driven element and this way takes over a matching function to ac hieve 50 Ohms at the feed point, i.e. it is a mixture of a parasitic coupled driver and a real director element.
The benefits of this Yagi are a rather constant gain across the entire 40m band which lies between an optimized 3el and 4el full sized mono band Yagi and an extremely flat SWR curve over the entire 300 khz range.
These parameters can only be achieved with the four elements on a boom length of minimum 15.00 meters = 49 feet.
Competing antenna manufacturers who ascribe similar parameters to their Yagis on much shorter booms do so for purely marketing technical reasons. Our detailed software supported analyzes clearly demonstrate this.
--> OB4-4OWA


3.    OB804030x (80-40-30m XL triband Yagi)

  One of our newest models in the OptiBeam line is the OB804030, a Yagi for the 80-40-30m bands.
Each of the three bands are covered by two elements in a driver-reflector combination.

The OB804030x now will be the bigger brother of the OB804030.
On a 12.00 meter long boom you still find „just“ 2 elements for 80m, though here now in the shape of straight elements (no end loading), for enhanced performance.
But on each of the 40 and the 30m band there are 3 elements in action, in a driver-reflector-director combination, with terrific performance.
This is the low band Yagi for highest demands which leaves nothing to be desired.
--> OB804030x


4.    OB21-3 (20-15-10m XL triband Yagi)

  Based on our long time proven, so far biggest 20-15-10m tribander, the OB16-3, which we have delivered world wide countless times, and which often is run in a stack at many contest stations, the OB21-3 now will be the ultimate triband Yagi for the 14-21-28 MHZ range.
On a 14.10 meter long boom it offers unbelievable monoband performance with 5 elements on 20m, 5 elements on 15m and 11 elements on 10m.
You won’t find such kind of performance for a multiband configuration on the world market again.

This 20-15-10m triband Yagi meets even the standards of spoiled contesters.
--> OB21-3

For further information on the above antenna models please send your request to info@optibeam.de.